NameSpace – Turning Back – Featuring Amber Long – EP

NameSpace – Turning Back – Featuring Amber Long – EP

The Next Huge EP from the good friends of Pro-B-Tech Records
Ben Shaw & Ben Summers AKA NameSpace featuring Amber Long - Turning Back.
Features 4 Mixes, Orignal, Dub, Ian Dillon & Robert Mason.

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Namespace are back on Pro B Tech records with a fantastic transatlantic collaboration. Already known for their classy productions which have been circulating across the scene for some time they have become a very respected prospect and an artist to go to for many. Featured on this release is the very talented Toronto based "Amber Long". What can you say about this lady ? She's a vocalist , DJ , music producer and also a writer for likes of "Decoded Magazine". Her recent exploits have excited us with her collaboration with artist "Tim Penna" and her vocal contribution on this release doesn't disappoint. The original & dub versions are very reflective of the "Namespace" sound. super clean quality produced affective soundscapes. Very mood driven without being too dark and retaining an element of bounce in the groove. On remix duties are the raising talents of UK based DJ / Producer "Ian Dillon" and "Robert Mason". "Ian Dillon" takes the moodiness from the original and morphs it into a unique dubbier affair. If you are familiar with Ian's productions you will have come to expect saw ripping driven synthesis . This mix is slightly different and quite reminiscent of some of the spacier esque mixes that would have been played in NY sound factory. "Robert Mason" also from Toronto has delivered a more driving energetic mix with a great growling bassline. Its a warm transient mix

Latest News

Latest News

We are very happy at Pro-B-Tech Records to be privileged with the forthcoming signing by Blue Amazon.
Another one to look out for coming soon,

Cat: PBT032
Release Date – TBC – 13th July 2015
Blue Amazon is no stranger to the circuit with productions and remixes that date back from the mid 90's through to present date. Tracks such as the classic "No Other Love", "The Javelin Album", remixes of Sasha, Skunk Anansie, New Order, Madonna are just a few examples of previous accolades.

Time has moved forward and so has the sound and this very much what the "Teaser Ep" is all about. The idea being its a teaser for forthcoming "Blue Amazon" releases and productions in the modern era.

With a lot of artists its hard to pigeon hole what their sound is as its such combination of many influences. This is definitely case with "Teaser 1". Its a merge of house, techno and fun electronic synthesis combined into a bouncy groove.

Teaser 2 follows suite to a degree whilst stripping the track down to more basic elements and adding more techno groove components.

Dilute The Poison is even more techno influenced revolving around a deep rolling bassline, dirty hi hats and retro drum machine sounds.
Its includes a spooky pad line and euro esque stab used in a way that could be considered dark but doesn't incite that feeling.

Early support has been received from Sasha, Nick Warren and Darin Epsilon.

With an array of new productions in the pipeline "Blue Amazon" is an act to keep an eye on this year.

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Managed and created by Brent Lawson with the aim to release high-quality, deeper, phatter tracks across the musical underground spectrum.

Since the creation of this label things have continued to grow and grow and signings now include TILT, The Underground Allstars, NameSpace, TR20, Dave Seaman & John 00 Fleming, Hernan Cattaneo & Martin Garcia, ThermalBear ,Ilya Gerus & Melodule, Paul Nolan , Blue Amazon and many more.


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