Adam Kent Interview For Pro-B-Tech

Adam Kent

Hi Adam thanks for your time answering a few quick questions about your Red Hot Nickel EP release

1. How did you get involved with PBT records?

PBT were the first label to take a leap of faith with me and sign me! I think I hooked up with Brent Lawson via Facebook in 2012 and sent him the demo for Mariana (that I co-wrote with Bailey under our Mariana guise) which he snapped up.


2. Youve worked on an array of projects whats been the stand out moments?

Things only really kicked off for me at the end of 2012 really but it’s been wicked fun so far, with stand out highlights including getting my residency with Empathy, remixing legends such as Tilt and Jamie Anderson & Louis Osbourne (then realising who Louis’ Dad was!), playing at Carl Cox’s Revolution and signing my first record contract (with Pro B Tech of course)

3. It must give you a great sense of satisfaction seeing you work widely received by the DJ fraternity, how does that feel after all the work you put into the EP?


I’m signed to several labels now under the Mariana guise and one of the things I really respect Pro B Tech for is the amount of work the label puts into promoting the tracks with some of the biggest DJ names in the industry and actually sharing the feedback. I take promo feedback with a pinch of salt, however seeing geniune feedback from the likes of Sasha, Nick Warren, X-Press 2 and Guy Mantzur on the EP is so exciting and a great reminder of what it’s all about. One of my biggest gripes with production is trying to create records that I would play as a DJ, so seeing positive feedback from my DJ heroes really helps.


4. Will you be DJing again and where can we see you playing?

My residency with Empathy here in Bristol will continue which is really exciting given the DJs I have played alongside there in the last year or so (Darren Emerson, Quivver, Cid Inc, Jody Wisternoff, Henry Saiz and many others). One of the things I love about the residency is playing either the long warm-up sets (which you can really dig the crates for) or the end of night sets for the true die-hard clubbers. It’s really helped me to develop as a DJ and proved what the likes of John Digweed and Craig Richards do every weekend: you can tear the place apart without playing endless hands-in-the-air anthems.


5. What plans do you have for 2014?

I have a number of other local gigs lined up over the coming months but my real focus and strategy is the production side of things as that will hopefully lead to bigger gigs further afield. I will be writing a lot more solo material this year to get my name known in the right circles and I am sure Bailey and myself will be putting some more Mariana productions out. My goal for this year is to play Fabric or the main room of Ministry.

6. Describe yourselves in 3 words..

Spontaneous, Grateful, Tenacious.

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