This is a desperate blow!

“No no no no!LeBron jumped up!LeBron jumped straight up!”
“Oh, God,Now LeBron can actually take off!”
“This height.It’s over,Ye Qinghui!”
No one thought that James would catch the ball at this time,Never expected,James can take off at this time!
Sum it up:It’s like magic。
You have to ask Tucker’s interview experience,He might touch his head and tell you somehow:“Actually I don’t know what’s going on,He jumped up.Quite suddenly。”
James’ jump stunned everyone directly。
Seeing that the road is a little rickety in the air,But still struggling desperately,The Cavaliers fans on the field are all wet.
Uh,Is the eye socket。
This is really moving。
They also saw James’ performance in this game,From beginning to end,Can’t pick a thorn。
For the victory of the game,James finished the whole game!
To the end,But he still comes to carry out this desperate attack!
“woo woo woo woo,Do you cry to me!Don’t cry?I call you cry!”
“Moved,What is a superstar?This is called a superstar!What is responsibility?This is called responsibility!”
“What about the people who say LeBron is a weak slug?Are you coming out,Lao Tzu killed you alive!”
“Like like like!Now it’s true,Lao Zhan did not disappoint!”
But more people are not happy too early。