Memory is also rising。

Basically these products that Huaxia cannot produce independently for the time being,All have risen differently。
“CPUIt’s really rising!”Wang Yufei sighed。
“Maybe the price of sand on the earth has risen?”Lu Yuxin shrugged,Teased。
This is naturally a joke。
althoughCPUMain material is silicon,The sand contains silicon dioxide,Intel productionCPURaw material wafer,Is indeed extracted from the sand,But Intel is absolutely impossible to let the sand truck enterCPUProduction park……
“Maybe Intel decided to sell to ChinaCPUAll the sand from the moon is used for production!”Wang Yufei smiled and replied。
This is actually something that makes Wang Yufei very angry,Because he is preparing to buy a batch of computers and servers in the name of Changxiang Technology,Build a laboratory。
CPUDrive the collective price increase of all hardware,Means that the laboratory needs to pay higher costs。
If it is a global rise,Understandable,Only increase prices for products sold in China,This is a bit of suspicion of bullying。
Whether rich or not,No one wants to be taken advantage of somehow。
And there must be a demon if something goes wrong。
Thought for a while,Wang Yufei walked outside the classroom with his mobile phone。
“Go call Professor Gao?”Lu Yuxin asked。
Wang Yufei nodded。
Just use your mobile phone to go online in the classroom,Wang Yufei still can’t do such things openly。
After all, the Office of Academic Affairs’ denial of electronic products into the classroom is still in progress。
Looking for a teacher to get permission to bring a mobile phone into the classroom is not to show off,But for business,But he wants to know what happened。
Came to the corner of an empty corridor,Wang Yufei dialed Gao Deyuan’s phone。