Last night Xu Xuan trained alone until three in the morning?!

Hibbert sorted out the news he heard in his head,Then came to this conclusion。
but.This is crazy too?
How can it be so crazy?
Where is training,It’s totally desperate!
At this moment,The Pacers players who arrived at the arena one after another also knew about Xu Xuan’s feat.。
West and others looked at each other,All looks incredible。
“Three o’clock in the morning?yesterday I.It seems that I only fell asleep at three in the morning.”
“what?You trained yesterday?”
“Don’t believe him,They train in the arena,This guy is on.”
In the morning9Half past one,When Xu Xuan walked into the arena full of energy,Everyone was shocked。
“This pervert doesn’t even yawn?”
“Is he a cow?”
Saw everyone not talking,Instead, they look at themselves like national treasures。
Xu Xuan touched his head unconsciously,“what,I had an accident with my hairstyle today?”