Wuhan Community Cadre: Pioneer does not follow the position of the position to condense the force

Wuhan Community Cadre: Pioneer does not follow the position of the position to condense the force

Activities in the Party Group Service Center in Fang Guiyuan Community Community. After Wang Hao, Li Yu’s 89-year secretary and party pioneer team became the main heart bone of Fang Guiyuan community residents and the work.

"Last year, at least 50 documents were organized, including calligraphy, kitchen, hiking, science and other activities. Especially the science experience hall founded by the community, regularly invite experts in the health sector for residential clinics, popularize health Common sense, this played an important role in the prevention and control of epidemic. "Li Yao said that through organizational activities, residents have obtained knowledge, enrichment of amateur life, promote neighborhood relations, and improve cohesiveness. "The community has power, doing a good defense association and confidence." Li Wei said that in implementing strict closed management, residents can not only accept peace of mind, but also provide help. "There is a resident in the first two days, sent some of the disinfective water and alcohol you bought to the community, saying to do some contributions. There is a enthusiastic old big brother, and the mountain spring water that will go to the mountains to entrust the party members. Suspected patients, I hope they can recover soon.

This morning, there is an old party member in Nanhu Community, and I have to sign up to join the Pioneer team, take on community killing, prevention and control. "The active cooperation of the residents, injecting the strong intensive agents into the strong intentions, the active linkage and mutual support of all units in the jurisdiction, but also become a strong backing of the community to win the epidemic prevention and control of the community. Hubei Cancer Center is affiliated to the Guanyuan Community Jurisdiction In the range, Li Ziping pays attention to the establishment of a good partnership with the other party, and many doctors in the Cancer Center in the Coppography activities are interacted with residents.

After the outbreak of the epidemic, the tumor center provides a lot of masks, disinfecting water and other protective equipment for the community.

Some time ago, there was a 79-year-old party member who had symptoms such as fever, cough, and needs to be investigated immediately.

Li Wei is very worried, because the old party member is two kinds of terminal illustrative, but still is still full of life.

"I am very impressed by him. Every time he will give condolences as a special party fee to the organization. We hope that he can get timely healing.

"Li Wei is a nucleic acid test for him to the Cancer Center. The other party will quickly agree. In the end, the old party members two nucleic acid test results are negative, everyone is relieved." I am the most on this community. people.

And our police are people who have called the most. "Li Ji said that during the strict closed management of the community, the residents have psychological fluctuations, and the community police will intervene in adopting courses.

"He will give each suspected patient, fever patients and family members to call them to abide by the rules and regulations. If there is any situation, he and the community will try to help.

"Li Ji said that the Fang Guiyuan community is not big, nor is it best. But he thinks that this community has a dare to face the cohesiveness of the difficulties." Residents, hospitals, civilians, each offered in this battle Out of its own. "(Editor: Li Feng, Cao Kun) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.