Yanqi Road and "Yanqi" commemorative certificate

Yanqi Road and "Yanqi" commemorative certificate

With the broadcast of the TV series "Awakening New Year", Hefei’s Yanqi Road is very "fire".

As the extension of the road named Joe witness, the author recalls before and after the extension of the road named Joe, 67 years ago and linked to the Central People’s Government issued the "extension, Joe" parallel revolution in military families sacrifice to commemorate the honor certificate. To martyr heroes named for the district in 1955, Hefei, Anhui Province will set the rules of "proper names correspond to the province bearing the name of urban roads named" the. Huaihe River Road, the Yangtze River Road to east-west urban area such as context, Fuyang Road on the "Huai River" north of Tongcheng Road on the "JAC" between Wuhu Road on the south, "Yangtze River", generally the case. At that time I did not expect Hefei Urban Construction leaps and bounds, to the late 1990s, the name of Anhui cities and counties, rivers and lakes, mountains and even the name of the main town were basically used up, facing the road named "bricks without straw," the dilemma, it is necessary to breakthrough innovation. Hefei Economic and Technological Development Zone, the planning experts have put forward new ideas to Huangshan 72 peak named roads, government leaders advocate the use of the bustling, beautiful, Fang Xing named the main road, meaning "opening up and development, and create new Hefei," the bright future. These observations constitute the framework of Hefei Economic Development Zone road named after the formation of the resolution. At that time the civil affairs departments meet once every few years, focus on naming a number of roads.

And during the planning department in the planning of roads, has easily get his name on the blueprint, road construction has been erected when the brand. Hefei in 2004 decided to set up a very expert advisory committee set of names, road planning to intervene in the name. City Hall hired Anhui University professor philologist, director of Hefei Huang width of Experts on Geographical Names Advisory Committee, my deputy director, Niu Yun, Wu Biao, Xiayou Cai as the committee needs to come up with timely advice named according to the road planning and construction. But Anhui University presided over the work of his school (now the director of Tsinghua University, unearthed literature research and conservation center) also said, because it is too busy, he would not have joined, asked me to chair.

Hefei Economic Development Zone thriving, the city decided to part of the land adjacent to the Peach Feixi out by the Economic Development Zone to build cooperation and Feixi, such taohuazhen Road Network will get the naming municipal level review. This area is located southwest of Hefei, so the process of developing new roads consulted located in the southwest of Anqing City, Anhui opinion by naming rules. Anqing further aspect, "potential", meaning some of them reported to the good names cultural heritage, but also provides a set of names of martyrs and heroes, such as Chen Nian Chen Joe years, Wang Buwen, Deng Jiaxian, Chengchanggeng, Yan Fengying, etc., want to be able on the road to the provincial capital Hefei. When the birth of the "extended Joe Road," the new road named in the discussion through the open area and feixi taohuazhen encountered two problems: First, according to regulations Hefei names, "generally not the people masterpieces names," which " general "can also be understood as a breakthrough when necessary. I presided over the names of experts to discuss proposed that all parts of a small amount of celebrity do street names, as many cities are in the mountain, Zhang Zhizhong Road in Beijing, Shanghai there (wearing) Alan Road, Harbin, Heilongjiang (Zhao) a Man Road, Nanchang, Jiangxi and Ganzhou (Zhan) God Bless road, we Hefei Xi friendly way to commemorate the martyrs, and the high-tech zone name alone beautiful mountain also blending with the commemoration of Chen Tu-hsiu mean Well, opinions Anqing aspects can be considered, "two bombs fathers," Deng Jiaxian, Beijing opera originator Cheng Chang Gung street names and other celebrities can do in Hefei "plus."

Second, Chen Nian Chen Joe mid-martyrs do road names, but a city street names should be avoided to do two brothers with two names.

When meeting to which specific details, just stepped down after leading positions open area of an old comrade advocated Chen sickness, synthetic road Chen Qiao years, called "deferred Joe Road", it can be understood as affectionate brother, fellow martyrs, should not be separated . Experts feel good, to form a unified opinion, then reported, Yan Qiao Road and a number of road names published in 2013, confirmed the fourth installment of the road named Hefei publicity.

Which it is located in Hefei Economic Development Zone and the area of Wang Buwen at County Road, Deng Jiaxian Road, Chengchanggeng Road, Yan Qiao Yan Fengying Road, west of the road arrangement, has been built or will be built.

As historians, on Chen, founder of the Communist Party of China and one of his two son Chen Nian Chen Joe years of the martyrs, I am "Gaoshanyangzhi, Jingxing behavior."

40 years ago, when I look for the tomb of Chen Tu-hsiu, who wrote insert name Seven: Chen Gongzhong just been buried, only to leave the world, said the commentary. Xiuwaihuizhong feng shui, the tomb is ten miles east of Jixian.

Then I went through a series of research, the Proclamation on Lifetime dialectical articles made in Shanghai "Liberation Daily" and "undecided presentation" and "Hefei Evening News", that "dictionary" Unfortunate mistake, "Xinhua Digest", "Ci Hai" reprint when revised.

I also presided over the Anhui Hall of Fame construction process, their father and sons included in a set of well-designed exhibition, placed in an obvious location.

Hefei is the capital, including street names, including the names to perpetuate the rich history, cultural heritage red, Yan Qiao road leading to downtown, Fairview, in the ascendant, the early experience with sublimation, the mission more to play. Glorious revolution memorial sacrifice military families permit the extension of the road named Joe tree card, now produced had an unexpected effect, this reminds me of two things: One, February 21, 1953, Mao Anqing Luoyang warship arrived multiply , Anqing had asked party secretary Fu Chen Duxiu Grand descendants situation. When Fu Chen Tu-hsiu large chapter of the report of the third son of Chen Song is still local, because of the difficulties of life had to sell the property to maintain life, Chairman Mao said one sentence: "Chen Duxiu descendants have difficulties in life, you can take care of it!" Directs, Anqing terms of immediate action, Municipal United Front work Department began to Chen Song in a monthly payment of 30 yuan living subsidy; after confirming the identity of the martyrs Chen Song of the two brothers, and issued a certificate to commemorate the glory; martyred with identity, Chen Song-year placed in kilns work.

I have to find a Anqing kilns meeting 60 years ago, Chen Song participate in as accounting, it can be considered kilns of "cadres" of the.

Chen Song years later Anqing City People’s Congress Standing Committee, Anhui Research Institute of Culture librarian. Second, 30 years ago when I interviewed his family home in Anqing Chen Song, Mao Zedong saw the signing of the "glorious revolution memorial sacrifice military families certificate":