Wu Ming District continued to carry out the top ten improvement of national civilized cities

Wu Ming District continued to carry out the top ten improvement of national civilized cities

Since this year, Wu Ming District, Nanning City has integrated the creation of national civilized cities into various aspects of economic, political, cultural, social, ecological civilization. The whole society launched, all are covered, all-round participation, the target is not shaken, pay close attention to implementation Do not relax, solve the outstanding problems of the people to solve the problem, solidly create the "top ten improvement actions" of the national civilized city, create, self-investigation, side reform, side improvement, promote urban management refinement, and promote Wuming construction Civilized new look.

Fine planning, fine deployment. In accordance with the "Notice of the" Nanning Municipal People’s Government Office "Nanning Municipal People’s Government Office on Deepening the Top Ten Improvement Action" Improve Urban Civilization "(Nanyuan [2021] 19) spirit, forming Wuming The "Opinions on Deepening the Top Ten Improvement of Creating National Civilized City" "Improve Urban Civilization", the time, customs personnel, customization, and task, extensive requirements for various towns, units, and networks Advice, formulate practical work measures. At the same time, clarify the duties of various towns, units, all grids, and clarify the specific business duties of 32 key functional units such as urban housing and construction bureaus, the Comprehensive Administrative Law Enforcement Bureau, organize all towns, units, and all grids to jointly create work .

Mobilization deployment, clarify responsibility.

On March 29th, Wuming District organized Wunming District, Nanning City to strive for national civilized models, meet the national health city review work deployment meeting, organize all towns, units, countries with state-owned enterprises, and villages (community) , Jointly study the general public deployment of Nanning, Chuangcheng, Chuangwei General Command, earnestly combined with the actual, combing of Wu Ming District, the problem of lacking the problem, on the top ten promotion of Wuming District "on deepening the creation of national civilized cities" "Opinions on the Level of Urban Civilization" layout Wuming District created various tasks.

Weekly organized the Summer Site Supervision Association, on-site inspection and guidance, creating work, clear and difficult responsible persons and rectification timelines, and taking the difficulties of the difficulties, it has accumulated that the site supervision will be 5 times.

Consolidate strength and strengthen protection. Wun Ming District is based on the actual city of Chuangcheng, the creation of the Creation, the integration of the CCC, the work force of the CCC, and establishes the comprehensive coordination group of Chuangcheng Chuangfang, the material inspection team, the field evaluation team, and the rural working group. Working group, set up new office area for the Office of Chuangcheng Chuangga, currently exhaust 89 people to carry out comprehensive coordination, supervision and inspection, inspection and inspection work, various units, and all grids Cadre workers, personnel power to create work in the responsible area and the administration industry. At the same time, Wu Ming District strengthens the guarantee. In 2021, it has been allocated to 15.79 million in Chuangcheng, which is used to ensure the implementation of various creation work.

Ten increases, improve results.

Wu Ming District in accordance with the "Nanning City Wuming District on Deepening the Top Ten Improvement Action" Improve Urban Civilization ", in-depth development of" The Base of Strengthening Ideals and Believers ", the theoretical preaching 989 field.

In-depth development of "Party Membership Pioneer, Chuangcheng Walking in the Former" to enhance the 84 games, play the pioneer model of party members’ creation. In-depth development of "anti-prevention has me, Ai Wei first" enhanced action 15, continuously improved the health of all citizens in Wuming District.

In-depth development of 15 promotion of civilization, cultivate morality, and learning to promote the "Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Civilization Behavior Promotion Ordinance" "Nanning City Civilization Behavior Promotion Measures", let civilization and morality into the heart, and externalization. In-depth development of "Under Embroidery Solver, Promoting Urban Fine Management" enhancement action, continuously carrying out a daily inspection and inspection, created daily, concentrated on site, arrange staff every day in various regions, various industries, and Go deep into the back streets, go deep into the city village, and go deep into the old abandoned community to attack hard.

Up to now, Wu Ming District has accumulated 16589 people from the party, volunteers and citizens to participate in the work of Chuangcheng. The accumulated time is 41,933 hours, adding or repair promotion layout 152 version, cumulative issuance of 11,451 publicity materials, cumulative home promotion 5493 Household, accumulated persuasion of the stalls, accumulating the downturn of the vehicle 7414 times, cumulative cleaning of 30,000 tons of garbage, accumulating 126 square meters, cumulative road meters, cumulative repair line rice, cumulative repair pipeline, accumulating the pipeline cover 120, Accumulated citizens, volunteers carry out 391 volunteer service activities, further enhance the level of urban governance.

In-depth development of "urban and rural creating joint construction, help rural resolution", promoted the construction of township civilization, boycotting the rules.

In-depth development of "Improvement Environmental Quality, Building Ecological Green City" promotion action 56, continuous improvement of sound environment quality, and carry out noise pollution rectification.

In-depth development of "Warm Wanjia, Huimin Limin" enhancement action, re-plan eight communities in Wuming District, more effective for the public to provide market, sports, culture, service, medical and other convenient life circles.

In-depth development of "Green City Shining ‘Volunteer Red", civilized practice in the side of the promotion action, and mobilize the public to participate in the creation. Deepen the "Strengthening Integrity Construction, Optimizing Business Environment" to promote 1585 people, carrying out integrity promotion, mall, market, supermarket, store to carry out integrity management promotion, safeguard consumer legitimate rights and interests.

(Weihao Jening) (Editor: Pang Guanhua, Huang Yumi).