The 2nd Shanwei Development Conference will be held on November 20th

The 2nd Shanwei Development Conference will be held on November 20th

  Shanwei is an important coastal port city connecting the Pearl River Delta and the Yuedong area, and the location advantage has been highlighted.

  Shanwei business environment is upgrading.

  Shankai is working hard to build a beautiful pearl along the coastal economic belt.

  Ended into the new era, build a new Shanwei.

Yesterday, the reporter was prepared from the 2nd Shanwei Development Conference of the Shanwei Municipal Government, and the second Shanwei Development Conference will be held on November 20th. Nearly 300 hometowns, and Entrepreneurs and high-level talents return to Zhang, regularly develop, and promote their hometowns.

The General Assembly will also hold public welfare donation ceremonies, investment project signing ceremonies, and investment projects. This year, Shanwei’s economic and social development quickly whip, hoofed: GDP growth in the first three quarters, the province, the per capita disposable income growth of residents in the first half of the province, the only "National Ecological Civilization Construction Demonstration Zone" The prefecture-level city … Shanwei City said that hopes to lend the second Shanwei Development Conference to further condense Hong Kong and Macao and Taiqiao and the vast number of townships, bringing together excellent talents of all parties, and jointly promote the high-quality development of Shanwei City, and accelerate the construction of Shanwei Become a beautiful pearl of the coastal economy.

At the same time, all-round exhibitions continue to carry out the stage of "business environment optimization year" action, put the spirit of Shanwei "Shanhai Lake City" "Red Holy Land", "Vital Bay Area", the full increase in hometowns return to Shanwei The confidence of entrepreneurship is enrolled, and the entrepreneur supports the determination of Shan Ti development.

  Since the first three quarters of the hoof, Shan Tail GDP growth, the province has advanced the "Business Environment Optimization Year", Shanwei City adheres to the "Digital Government" reform as a starting, depth promoting business environment optimization, let "I More than others, I have a good "Shanwei Speed" service enterprise.

Government investment projects, corporate investment project approval time is compressed to 42 working days, 28 working days, and there is no certification of cities to cancel 7619 certified materials.

From "Disaster Convenient" to "unlicensed leisure", "there is no certification city", highlights the determination and strength of the government to serve the people to improve the level of modernization.

  In addition to the upgrade of the business environment, the location advantage of Shanwei is also outstanding. Shanwei City is an important coastal port city connecting the Pearl River Delta and the Yuedong area. The coastline is long. The natural conditions are suitable for the navigation mileage. Shanwei is one of the 16-way ports of the country. One of the 16-way ports. Nearly, the waves, the waters, the convenience of transportation of land, and the convenience of transportation in Luang, current Shanwei Port Area, Honghaiwan Port Area, Haifeng Port Area, Lufeng Port Area, is a kind of port, open waters With a total of more than 230 square kilometers, the opening of the shoreline is more than 30 kilometers. 30 have 30 various types of productive berths. All Hong Kong comprehensive through capacity of 20 million tons, and the port economic development conditions are excellent.

  Plant the phoenix tree, lead the phoenix.

This year, a series of signing projects have introduced 170 industrial projects in Shanwei, and the city has introduced 170 industrial projects, 20 of which are more than 1 billion industrial projects, total investment billion yuan, project introduction completion rate, investment completion rate %. Major projects come to the fore, also help to promote the "acceleration" of the Shanwei economy. In the first three quarters of this year, Shanwei City realized the regional production of millions of dollars, year-on-year growth%, two-year growth%, ranking in the province, the growth rate of the province, and the forefront of the province.

  Today, the hundreds of billion-level industrial clusters such as sea wind power equipment manufacturing, electronic information, petrochemical and new materials, as well as new energy automobile manufacturing, and more than one hundred billion industrial clusters such as the beauty industry are accelerating in Shanwei, in order to promote the "14th Five-Year Plan" period The economic high quality development has laid a solid foundation. The quantity of the recruitment of the talents, the number of "double harvest" series, behind the highlights, the bumper and help of the Shan Merchants and Towns, and the return of the talents and the return of township benefits from Shanwei firmly Implement the social development strategy of talents, and adhere to the recruitment of talents as "No. 1 Engineering".

  It is reported that Shanwei Oceland linkage has huge space, especially 1.4 million overseas Chinese, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan compatriots and nearly 1.4 million townships in the Pearl River Delta and the major cities in major cities at home and abroad, form a strong "Shanwei Economic". Since 2020, Shanwei adopts the "Shanwei City Red Sea Sailing Talent Program" and other policy guarantees, measures to increase the intensity of the attraction, and realize the breakthrough in the introduction of the leading entrepreneurial innovation team and the high-level talent.

In addition, Shanwei also further optimizes talent development environments by continuously consolidating talent development platform carriers, fully gathered with all kinds of talents, fully presented talents, and builds a stage. Data show that in November 2020, 2021, Shanwei City introduced 19009 college students (including 672 master’s degree, 153 doctors), and the number of quantities of the quantity realized "double harvest", providing a beautiful pearl of Shanwei coastal economic belt. Strong talent support. "Shanwei recently focused strong ‘Shan Tail Economy’ anti-fertilizer, held the second Shan Tail Development Conference, increase the investment promotion, recruiting talents, combined with the implementation of Shan Merchants and Township Regression Projects and Hometown," Attract more famous companies at home and abroad to come to the industry.

"On November 2 this year, Zhang Xiaoqiang, director of the Shanwei Municipal Party Committee and Director of the Municipal People’s Congress, pointed out that when the team visited township enterprises, the advantages of Shanwei location became increasingly prominent, and the business environment continued to optimize. Put good experience, good practice back home, help the hometown development. Today, the second Shanwei Development Conference enters countdown, and the Shanwei will usher in a new round of development opportunities.

The relevant person in charge of Shanwei City said that this conference will give full play to many advantages of going out of the country, and implement the "Shan Merchants and Countryside Regression Project", and build the platform to encourage the return of the country to the project, return to the country, information feedback, and hometown Many forms of technical returns to hometown and investment. Enterprises in the construction platform encourages enterprises to invest in Shanwei investment or intentional investment in Shanwei to actively build the modern industrial system of Shanwei City and accelerate the formation of "5 + N" advanced manufacturing development new pattern. Building a "3 + 2" modern industrial system that produces excellent, binary, three production, three production and marine economy, digital economy leads the development of the "3 + 2" of the Shanwei Development Congress into an important platform for investment promotion, recruitment, and "gold medal sign ".

  The "big chorus" of the rural revitalization support the revitalization of the old district, Shanwei should promote high-quality development, and rural rejuvenation is the key. What is emerging is that since 2018, Shanwei has ranked three consecutive years, and the province’s rural revitalization strategy is the first, and the 2nd Guangdong Top Ten Beautiful Village Series is also harvested. Light Village won the "Guangdong Top Ten Beautiful Country", Lu Fung Hinpu Village won the "Guangdong Cultural Tourism Tourism Village", and the Dongzhou Village, Shanwei City, won the "Guangdong Characteristic Industrial Name", Haifeng County Bay Area Red Culture Experience Demonstration Tape "Guangdong Beautiful rural boutique line. It is difficult for that in October this year, Shanwei City won the title of "National Ecological Civilization Construction Demonstration Zone", which has become the only one in the Eastern Ecological Environment.

Shanwei natural ecology is beautiful, with the largest coastal lagoon in mainland China, a square kilometer in the Qingli, with Dongzhi’an, Dahu Shijima International Important Wetland, Haifeng Lotus Mountain Forest Park, Luhe Red Peain, Tianhu, etc. Green Ecological Corridor The famous "Shanwei Sight" is beautiful, and it is known for its name.

  As a domain revolutionary old area carrying heavy red cultural genes, Shanwei also explored the "red + party building" "red + tourism development" "red + grassroots governance" depth fusion model, and lived the local red cultural resources, and came out. Ecological Civilization and the High Quality Development of Revolutionary Old Areas Organic Binding Shanwei Path.

  Shanwei City said that Shanwei should use this conference to hit the "revitalization" brand, all-round exhibition, the municipal party committee, the municipal government accelerate the safe and revitalization of the high-quality development of Shanwei, especially the economic and peaceful " Two reports, in-depth promotion of "three major actions", unswervingly picking up the "four historical mission", and doing the extraordinary achievements of the "three or five" works. Talking about the story of Shanwei, in order to promote the development of the Haihui revolutionary old district, the resulte will continue to make a strong power, create a good atmosphere, let more people understand Haichang, pay attention to Hai Lufeng, enter Hai Lufeng, form a "big chorus" supporting the revitalization of the old district .

  Text / Guangzhou Daily Full Media Reporter Chen Jiayuan Map / Provided by the Shanwei Municipal Committee.