Xinhua News Agency, "Half Month" comment on the online epidemic situation: professional ethics can "open reversing"

Xinhua News Agency, "Half Month" comment on the online epidemic situation: professional ethics can "open reversing"

  · Half moon talking about Li Li, Xue Chen recently, after the passenger arrived in Chengdu Shuangliu Airport, when using the drip app, he encountered a bad thing: the net approach to the online approach is on the passenger. After canceling the order, the original app shows the price of 23 yuan for the estimated price, and the driver is 80 yuan. Asked how to increase the price, the driver is straightforward: "You have to go (epidemic) ‘heavy disaster area’, go to be isolated." And the driver is also a digital network of network of net traffic in Shuangliu Airport. Advancing in the same reason. When the passenger said to the platform, the driver also said "You can complain to the platform".

The last passenger alarm, and the police coordination can be traveled according to the original price.

  The current period of summer travel is peak, and the domestic new coronary pneumonia, the prevention and control situation is severe.

In order to block the spread of the epidemic, it was found that the epidemic area has adopted relevant prevention and control measures in many high-risk areas.

However, the passenger destination is not an epidemic sealing area, and does not affect the normal operation of the driver.

  In the epidemic prevention and control, a large number of medical workers, community staff, volunteers are not afraid of the sun to save the summer: Some medical staff are exposed to the nucleic acid detection, there are volunteers to send life materials for the residents of the residents in the middle of the day and night. There is also a resident of the isolation control cell to send daily necessities for the decoration worker isolated on the community … Nothing to reflect the determination of the efforts of the efforts of the community in front of the society, touched countless netizens.

  However, the previous case tells us that there is always someone else to make a fortune, sit and start the price, and even the facts of the facts, and spread rumors.

In recent rainfall disasters in Henan Province, Zhengzhou, a high-priced guests who were bullied by the fire-trapped guests in the 8888 yuan. The act of these drivers in Chengdu, there is a serious deal with the "high price" hotel in heavy rain.

  Why is the driver so ugly? The reporter finds that the driver is a third-party platform service provider "Flying" webmark driver.

On July 15, 2019, the dripping travel launched the network of networked open platforms to third-party travel service providers. At present, there are 10 third-party service providers such as online travel, 呦 feed, flying, and other 10 third-party service providers. .

  Disclosure of the public information showed that the Internet travel platform such as the traveler and the US group had been punished by the law enforcement department due to the irregular problems of the vehicle. By accessing the third-party service expansion capacity, it has become a common choice under strict supervision by multiple travel platforms. The platform can introduce a third party, but the responsibility to ensure the security and fair trade rights of users is not unbained.

  At the same time through third-party services, it is necessary to assume management responsibilities. Whether the driver of our own platform is still a third-party service provider driver, he should continue to improve management and service. At the same time, the airport is the gate of the city, and the normal development of the epidemic prevention and control work and the normal development of economic society, the airport management and local transportation management department must continue to strengthen the network of online management, and the illegal act of sitting starting price increases the intensity , Effectively guarantee the legitimate rights and interests of passengers.