Fulvio Perniola

Fulvio Perniola was born in La Spezia on 19/01/1966. His passion for music started very early and at eighteen years he started working at the Miami Marina di Massa where it will play until 1987 before moving to the mode, one of the first alternative venues in the area. It was during this period that he developed his passion for house music and that led him later to know Maurizio Tognarelli, dj “Cicada” and a pioneer in Versilia of this musical movement. Thus began a period that saw the two DJs at the helm of one of the most innovative and avant-garde scene of the house, during which time there were collaborations with other local djs that they recorded much about the future of Fulvio Perniola. And in fact between 1990 and 1991 that approached the world record thanks to Tognarelli and it was he in fact, working with other DJs to some production companies, who introduced him to the DJ Gianni Bini, with whom he will then start a long collaboration still exist.

His recording career started with: keyboards, samplers, but the Studio space was very small for Fulvio and Gianni Bini. So they decided to create a unique recording studio where you can both highly targeted and sectoral dance music and especially the house music. Thus were born the Fathers of Sound (stage name of Gianni and Fulvio) that began a long series of albums with great success and led them later to be called by Major foreign and Italian labels to remix the likes of Simply Red, Eternal, Shiva, Diana Ross, Ve Ve Brown, Ce Ce Roger, Annette Taylor, Daphne, Sarah Washington, Sonia Roger, Barbara Tucker and many others. In addition he raised his profile as a producer and that is why he decided to try to produce in 1995/1996/1997 not only house music but also commercial dance music and artists, working alongside Roberto Zanetti known as Robyx with the project as Alexia, Netzwerk, Double You, Savage, Ice Mc, KC & Sunshine Band, Adriano Celentano.

In 1997 he created his own label called commercial uroRecord €. In 1998 he produced the project 2Thousand – Fire on his own label, then fired at V2 Records, and the following year he realized the project 2Thousand – Emotions always uroRecords € and then on V2 Record. Both songs reached number one in sales in Italy and the highest positions in the dance charts all over Europe. At the same time he produced and worked on several remixes for major record labels major and independent labels At the same time the great success achieved in the record causes Gianni Bini and Fulvio Perniola become two of the most requested DJs Italians abroad.

England and Ibiza are the places he frequents the most: in fact play in many rooms from two to three times a month. His collaborations with other characters in the Italian and international dance music led him to work with DJs like Tony Humphries, David Morales, Frankie Knuckles, Lil Louis, Paul Trouble Anderson, Ricky Morrison, Masters @ Work, Danny Rampling, Dave Seaman, Anthony Pappa Alex Blacks, Sasha, John Digweed and many others.

Fulvio In 2010, after a period of rest from musical productions and remixes, he wants to resume his work as a producer and remixer who are his passion.
Currently Fulvio Perniola has to his credit more than three hundred numerous recordings of productions and remixes, is a partner with Gianni Bini in the Fathers of Sound Production and holds several record labels own (HMM NuTunes Records, NuVibes Records, NuWaves Records, € uroRecords ). It ‘holder Bassculture Studio at OceanTrax Records and his own studio NuTunes Studio where he produced most of his work.

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