Harvey Hunzed Production


 Begins to approach the world of the night when 13 years old and with diligence and stubbornness can be appreciated in the club in northern Italy. 
In 1998 he won the award for best emerging DJs a competition organized by Veneto DJAT AGENCY of Padova.

Besides his passion for the mixes, he finds passion for music production and in 1999 he began collaborating with his colleague and friend Marco Lys, togheter they realize in 2000 the first single “THE DIGITAL – HARVEY HUNZED PRODUCTION” printed on the label Joe T Vannelli (JT company), which was extremely successful, inserted on various compilations including (Supalova 7) and played by international DJs like Pete Tong.
Then Hunzed is contacted again by Vannelli to begin a collaboration that will lead him to print other projects for his label.

With Mark Lys has other songs that will later be printed on labels like Sony and USED AND abused with the individual: “LYS & HUNZED – and TAKE AWAY ME AWAY”, later remixed by “Fonzarelli, My Digital Enemy and MYNC.”
In 2006 he began a collaboration with his friend David Rizzatti, creator of the worldwide hits as “Ramirez, Glam, Latin Sueno”, JTC together to produce the single “INTERLUDE” who is remixed by Tom Novy and played in clubs such as the “Space of Ibiza “and used as a” hard opening “of the Miami WMC Nic Fanciulli.
In 2007 the European success of remixes GIANNI COLETTI “GIMME FANTASY”
In 2008 he became one of the official dj of “LA NOCHE ESCABROSA” radio program aired that year on RADIO DEEJAY.
He plays at locals and events such as:
Ambassada Gavioli (SLO), House residence (DE), NN plus ultra, Velvet Club, Syncopate,
K Club, Disco Palace, TAG, Heaven (Ibiza), Ausonia, Etnoblog and many others.
Printed on labels like:
Sony (Direction), Natura viva, Clubbi’n, Melodica, Eccentric Records, m.o.d.a’, Used and abused, Mcgroove, Usefull, Usefull, keep records on, Smilax, Urban Life, Prisma Records, Lotus, B79, Venice music.
His songs have been included in various compilations including “Supalova CLUB” by Joe T. Vannelli.

His productions have been played and appreciated by leading DJs such as:
Denny Tenaglia, Roger Sancez, Nic Fanciulli (WMC, Miami), Tom Novy, Raphael Ripperton, Marco Lys, MANDY, Pete Tong, Joe T. Vannelli, Steve Angello, Matt Darrey, B Soul, Gabriel Garcia. Answer 42 and many others.
You can currently listen on “radio Piterpan” in “Pleasure Night” every Friday and Saturday night.


FOR RMX AND RELEASE CONTACT: riccardo@hunzed.com or info@hunzed.com


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